Sun’s out, buns out. Burger buns that is!

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Summertime, & the living is easy … It’s rumoured to be a pretty sunny weekend so get outdoors & make the most of it but if you want to avoid the dodgy uncooked sausage check out this recipe for a veggie burger instead.

On a more serious note, you need to look after yourselves while enjoying the sunshine. So take a look at our sun safety tips below.


Sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer. Sunburn doesn’t just happen on holiday, you can burn in the UK, even when it’s cloudy. There’s no safe or healthy way to get a tan. A tan doesn’t protect your skin from the sun’s harmful effects.

Aim to strike a balance between protecting yourself from the sun and getting enough vitamin D from sunlight.

Spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest. In the UK, this is between 11am and 3pm from March to October.
Make sure you:

    • spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm
    • make sure you never burn
    • cover up with suitable clothing and sunglasses
    • take extra care with children
    • use at least factor 15 sunscreen

Protect your eyes in the sun
A day at the beach without proper eye protection can cause a temporary but painful burn to the surface of the eye, similar to sunburn. Reflected sunlight from snow, sand, concrete and water, and artificial light from sunbeds, is particularly dangerous.

Avoid looking directly at the sun, as this can cause permanent eye damage.

Now get your barbie going, beer chilling, hammock hanging
aaaaaaand relax!