NET Cancer Awareness Day 2017

NET Cancer Day

November 10th is World NET Awareness Day

Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) is the umbrella term for a group of unusual, often slow growing cancers, which develop from cells in the diffuse endocrine systems.

They are found most commonly in the lung or gastrointestinal system, but they can arise in other parts of the body, such as the pancreas, ovary and testes, among other sites.

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Add your voice to those calling for better awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world.

Pledge your support and help us to put neuroendocrine cancers on the map.

  • Because we constantly need to raise awareness of NET cancers among decision makers, health professionals and the general public. Information is key to improving quality of life and prognosis for NET cancer patients; raising awareness is therefore one of our primary goals
  • Because acting simultaneously in many places and in many countries can ensure the voice of NET cancer patients is heard by more people
  • Because early detection of NET cancers is a public health priority
  • Because a day focused on NET cancers can bring hope and information to people living with NET cancers, their caregivers and families
  • Because we want equity in access to care and treatment for NET cancer patients around the world
  • Because we need an action that can bring all stakeholders of the NET cancer community together with the same goal
  • Because we need more funds for research and care, and more research and efforts directed towards NET cancers
  • Because we need to keep fighting for NET cancer patients
  • Because we need to coordinate policy actions at national and international levels

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